Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds


Quickly offering relaxed, full body relaxation, it’s no wonder that a lopsided hybrid like Blue Dream is considered legendary among West Coast weed lovers.

The sativa-dominant Blue Dream combines the signature “couch” effect of Blueberry with a mild, slightly energetic cerebral high from her Haze genetics for a unique, leisurely euphoric experience, popular for daytime use in pain patients. , depression, nausea and more. . Although Blue Dream is often over 17% THC, it is more likely to revitalize your mind and body than to put you to sleep, a property attributed to its 20% sativa heritage.

Choose Blue Dream Feminized Marijuana Seeds if you enjoy sweet and fruity flavors as well as quick relief from bothersome symptoms. Intermediate growers who grow relatively tall may prefer to plant these seeds indoors to have some control over their height.


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